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Derived from nature, sustainable environmental ecology.




AIT Director Oudkirk visited the agricultural hub of Yunlin to learn more about the county’s rich history and culture last month. While in Yunlin, she learned about the impact of Budaixi culture at the Hand Puppet Museum, enjoyed a meal with eight Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) as well as two English Teaching Fellows (ETFs) to thank them for the role they are playing in building people-to-people ties between the United States and Taiwan, and immersed herself in local traditions at the Chenglin Agarwood Flavor Forest Pavilion. Director Oudkirk also met with Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan and her team to discuss Yunlin’s economic growth and development plans. Thank you to the wonderful people of Yunlin for their warm hospitality!


富禾生醫攜手澄霖國際 共同開發中國細胞治療市場


The collaboration stems from both parties recognizing the potential business opportunities in China's precision medicine market. In the context of the Chinese market, cell therapy stands out as an emerging medical technology, expected to experience rapid development across various provinces and cities. General Manager Li Jianmou stated that the aim of fostering this collaboration is to provide quicker and more effective assistance to a broader audience in need. The intention is to introduce new cell therapy technologies and usher in a new era of regenerative medicine for the Chinese market.

雲林虎尾澄霖來送洗香香 助家扶學子備妥物資迎開學  原文網址: 雲林虎尾澄霖來送洗香香 助家扶學子備妥物資迎開學 | ETtoday地方新聞 | ETtoday新聞雲 https://www.ettoday.net/news/20220829/2326956.htm#ixzz8J1dCHYcu Follow us: @ETtodaytw on Twitter | ETtoday on Facebook

雲林虎尾澄霖來送洗香香 助家扶學子備妥物資迎開學


The Yunlin Family Support Center has expressed that families benefiting from the gift of a thousand bottles of aloeswood-scented shower gel are all delighted, and even the mothers are overjoyed. This initiative has transformed the journey to the start of the school year for the students supported by the Yunlin Family Support Center. Thanks to the scented showers from Chenglin, the students are now happily welcoming the new semester. Emphasizing hygiene habits, the center ensures that all supported students in Yunlin joyfully, safely, and healthily embrace the upcoming school term.

澄霖沉香森林館 揚名國際



Adhering to the principles of "health, non-toxicity, and nature" integrated into daily necessities, Chenglin has now become the primary supplier of Ganoderma lucidum, recognized as the "top medicinal product" in Japan. The chairman stated that the aloeswood tree itself is not aloeswood. Wild aloeswood trees undergo natural processes such as lightning strikes, insect bites, and damage to the tree. Through the self-repair process, spanning several decades or even centuries, aloeswood forms in the injured parts. The preciousness of aloeswood lies in this intricate and lengthy process of natural development.